Saturday, July 12, 2008

Google Earth imagery update 12.07.08

It seems as though an imagery update just took place in the Google Earth database.

With no official notice of the update so far, I can only report of two areas I have found updated.

The Catalonia imagery seems to be completely updated once again, with photos dated September 2006. Major cities in the area had been updated with other images - Tarragona with imagery from January 2007, and Lleida and Barcelona with imagery from November 2007. Seems like almost half of Andorra also got it's update together with Catalonia, while the other half (including the better part of Andorra la Vella) hasn't been updated at all this time.

Other then Catalonia, it seems that vast areas of Portugal had also been updated, with the new imagery stripes clearly visible all over the country:

Feel free to report in the comment box of any other updated areas.

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