Monday, June 16, 2008

Forces on scene

In Buffalo, NY, on the corner of Washington St. and Lafayette square, we find ourselves on the scene of an..well, an event.

The scene from South to North

Police are on scene, as well as an ambulance. From the reverse angle, it seems as though the paramedics are treating someone, and the onlookers on both sides of the street might imply that something is going on at the very moment the image was taken.

The scene from North to South

The mystery is, however, the fire engine parked on Washington St. It doesn't seem like a fire had took place, as more fire engines would probably be on scene, and a car accident is also unlikely, as wrecked cars are nowhere to be seen.

The scene from South to North

The fire engine from North to South

My guess would be that perhaps the firefighters were there in order to break into an apartment, where someone had been injured in some way and unable to open the door. No other scenario I could think of, will explain all the "findings" on scene. Any other guesses would be gladly accepted.

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