Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tel Aviv 3D buildings

As reported by Frank Taylor in the Google Earth Blog, the 3D layer update of June 4th included more than only the Disney World, but other cities around the world as well. Apparently, Tel Aviv, Israel is one of these cities, with many new 3D models added, as well as upgrades of older models.

The first and most prominent of those models is surely the upgraded Azrieli Center:
Azrieli Center

Next skyscraper to have a new model is the Shalom Meir tower in Southern Tel Aviv, which upon completion was the tallest building in the Middle East:
Shalom Meir Tower

Although in the neighboring city of Ramat Gan, the Moshe Aviv Tower is also worth mentioning, being the tallest building in Israel:
Double appearance of the Moshe Aviv tower

In this screenshot, clearly visible are two models of the tower, one probably being accidentally left in GE after the addition of the newer model.

This is, however, not the only "double appearance" in the area, as the Kirya Tower in Tel Aviv, occupied mainly by government offices, is also visible twice. The difference in the quality of both models is clearly visible, the older one also being misplaced:
Double appearance of the Kirya tower

As most GE news, this phenomenon has also been raised earlier by Frank at the GEB, the relevant building being the Hancock building in Chicago.

Next on our tour is the Tel Aviv shoreline hotels, now having quite a significant amount of 3D models there as well.
Tel Aviv Hilton hotel

The screenshot above features the famous Tel Aviv Hilton hotel, while the next one shows many of the shoreline hotels: Carlton, Sheraton Moria, Crowne Plaza, Renaissance, Sheraton Tel Aviv, Dan Tel Aviv, King David Tower, Park Plaza Orchidea, Isrotel Tower and the Opera Tower hotels, nearest to farthest.
Tel Aviv shoreline hotels

Last but not least, is the Tel Aviv city hall, with Gan Ha-ir complex behind it:
Tel Aviv s city hall and Gan Ha-ir complex

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